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7 Energizing Yoga Poses to Kickstart Your Day

Health & Wellness
Energizing Yoga Poses to Kickstart Your Day

If you're looking for a way to manage stress, sleep better, or feel more energized throughout the day, you should try these simple yoga poses.

Energize Your Day with These 7 Yoga Poses to Kickstart Your Morning

Yoga is a scientific and feasible workout to deal with stress and stay energized throughout the day. Do you know some easy and effective yoga and breathing techniques that can refresh your mind and help you stay energized all day long? Read on to learn ten energizing yoga poses that can help you get the much-needed energy to face a busy life.

Why Start Your Day with Yoga?

Yoga is an age-old practice that brings together physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation to help people achieve greater balance in mind and body. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or ability level. Yoga is an anytime anywhere exercise regime as it is independent of equipment/space and space constraints.

Some of the better-known benefits of yoga include the following:

  • It improves strength, flexibility, and balance.

  • It aids in pain relief and enhances mobility. Often low-intensity yoga is suggested to people who’ve undergone surgery and seek fast recovery and pain relief. 

  • Yoga has been known for easing arthritis symptoms and can help reduce joint inflammation. 

  • Regular yoga can address several cardiovascular risks, including maintaining heart health. 

  • The relaxation achieved through yoga can help you enjoy improved sleep

  • Everyday yoga can boost energy levels and enhance alertness and enthusiasm. 

  • You can regulate negative feelings and think positively with a routine yoga practice. 

  • When it comes to physical and physiological benefits; Yoga provides targeted compression and relaxation, enhancing local circulation in specific sets of muscles/organs/systems thereby also improving venous drainage. Yoga focuses on the left and right sides of the body to balance out the stretches and exercise patterns with concentration on breathing. This helps in balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic responses, reducing stress and pain, and relaxing the body.

  • On a psychological level Yoga enables the practitioner to be introspective and aware about the breathing pattern reducing the stressors and become mindful about the thought process.

  • Yoga takes you closer to natures’ rhythm of not only breathing pattern but sleep, digestion and excretion.

recent study found that even when done for a short period of time, yoga postures can make you feel more powerful and energetic.

How To Fuel Your Energy With Yoga?

We all have some days when we feel like we just can't get going. But there are ways to get your energy back, and one of them is yoga! It's important to start your day off right by eating right and exercising, but there are other things, like pranayama and meditation, you can do to help you feel more awake and alert throughout the day.

Yoga has been proven to increase energy levels and make people feel more focused. According to research studies, yoga is a mind-body practice that helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and makes you feel more alive.

A woman doing Yoga

SEVEN Energizing Yoga Poses

If you're looking for something that will give you a boost at the start of your day or make you feel more energetic throughout the day, then look no further than these ten energizing yoga poses:

1. Naukasana

Naukasana is a pose that increases your body’s efficiency in handling digestion. It also improves your balance and flexibility.

Naukasana, or boat pose, is one of the best ways to improve your metabolic rate. This pose works on improving your digestive system by making it more effective and efficient at handling food intake. Naukasana also improves your balance, strength, flexibility, and posture.


2. Paschimottanasana

Known as a seated forward bend for head-to-toe stretching, Paschimottanasana requires you to sit with your legs outstretched with flexed toes.
This asana is a powerful one. It stretches your calf and hamstring muscles, which helps improve blood circulation in your legs. You'll feel more energized when you get out of the pose.
This asana also stretches your spine, which can help you get rid of stiffness and perk you up with energy. The vital energy flow regulated by Paschimottanasana enables better circulation to your internal abdominal organs.


3. Ardha Matsyendrasan

It may look like a simple twisted sitting pose, but Ardha Matsyendrasan is excellent for opening up the chest area and toning your abdominal muscles. Referred to as the half-spinal pose, this stretch is best for getting rid of back pain and improving your flexibility. It's also a way to strengthen your side muscles.
In this pose, you will be working on stretching your spine while strengthening the sides of your body. This asana can leave you feeling refreshed!

Ardha Matsyendrasan

4. Adho Mukha Svanasana 

The downward-facing dog pose, also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, requires the practitioner to enter an inverted posture. This asana is also practiced as one of the twelve postures in the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar). It stretches the hamstrings, shoulders, and back and also strengthens the arms, legs, and buttocks.
This asana requires you to involve all your limbs to form a triangle in a manner where your back forms the top edge and your hands and feet form the sides of the triangle. If you're looking for a way to stretch and strengthen your body, then the downward-facing dog pose may be for you.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

5. Phalakasana

The plank pose is a great way to strengthen your core and get in shape. With this pose, you can strengthen your core as you squeeze your glutes and tighten your abdominal muscles while keeping the spine straight. An instant energy booster, this asana is excellent for the overall productivity of your abs, thighs, and buttocks.

You'll be able to do this pose with ease after just a few weeks of practice!



6. Dhanurasna

The bow pose is a great pose to help you feel like a superwoman. It not only corrects your posture but also pumps up your blood circulation, improves your appetite, and triggers weight loss. This rejuvenating asana expands the spinal cord muscles, allowing blood to flow across the nerves in this region, elevating energy levels, and minimizing fatigue and lethargy.


7. Bhujangasana 

If you're looking for a way to stretch your body in a way that feels good and is easy on your back, try Bhujangasana, or cobra pose.

The cobra pose is effective for people with back problems because it helps to relax the spine and relieve pain. It can also help improve posture by strengthening muscles that support the spine, including those in the abdomen and lower back.

This pose also improves flexibility in your hamstrings, hips, shoulders, neck, and chest. It also tones these muscles—especially your abs!



Concluding Thoughts

Yoga is an everyday practice that offers young practitioners insight into life and wisdom for sustainable health. However, for elderly practitioners, this easy, feasible, long-term exercise pattern gives flexibility with pain relief to achieve the unique balance between mind, body, and soul. Unlike several other high-intensity exercises, energizing yoga poses don’t require any special workout gear. 

You can practice yoga anywhere, in the open or indoors at home, hands-free, to fill your day with optimum energy and stay away from any health problems. You can start yoga at any age and practice it anytime throughout the day. 

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